Film Theory: an Introduction 2nd edition (co-authored with Robert Lapsley)
Film Theory: an Introduction offers a highly readable account of film theory and is an indispensable resource for students. The discussion ranges from the late 1960s to the present, a period in which a number of conceptual strands, notably politics, semiotics and psychoanalysi were woven together in an ambitious synthesis.

In this book, the authors chart the construction of this synthesis and its subsequent fragmentation, and clearly explain the various intellectual currents which have contributed to it. Divided into two parts, the first covers the conceptual background of film theory, dealing with historical materialism, semiotics and psychoanalysis, whilst the second concentrates on particular topics such as authorship, narrative, the avant-garde and postmodernism.

For the 2nd edition, the authors have added a new foreword, a fully updated and expanded bibliography, and a 60-page Retrospect outlining developments within film theory since the book's original publication in 1988. This Retrospect identifies a number of broad readings of Theory, each with a different perspective on the main content of the book. As such, it provides a new and original mappping of the 'post-theory' moment in this complex and often fractured terrain.

Accessible and authoritative, this book is essential reading for students and teachers of film and media studies, or indeed for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of modern cinema.